We, as well our staff have created a friendly and courteous atmosphere that is truly special. We stand ready to serve the guests 24x7 and will provide all kind of information regarding places of interest in and around the city.


The resort at kotagiri, gets a perfect view of the town. Lots of trees and shade surround the cottages and bonfires are available with light music for relaxation. Celestial Resorts are clean and well kept with housekeeping being done year round.The resort includes two Classic rooms.one deluxe rooms ,three villa's and two suites.


The resort has 24x7 hot water supply in each and every room.


Sit by a well tended campfire at the end of the day with a light background music.


The separate block in the hotel has a cosy dining area providing all varieties of lovely home cooked food.All varieties of food are cooked and served either in dining or as room service

Sightseeing and Travel arrangements

Taxi's and vans are arranged at a lower cost for the listed tourist spots.

Conference rooms

A separate conference room is present where meetings,celebrations can be made by a group.