Kodanad view point

The view point displays the splendid pictursque of the Moyar River and the actual point where the Eastern and the Western Ghats meet.You have to cross accross innumerable meadows in order to reach this beauty haven. The tortuous roads treats you with the exorable vistas of nature. This very exotic place makes you to contemplate on the nature's beauty. For all those who love Nature, the pictursque that the view point provides could possibly create new artists

Rangasamy pillar

Rangasamy pillar, a historical/spiritual place, is considered a perfect choice for mountain hiking. You would trail through forests , tea estates and other places endowed with natural wealth where wild animals can be seen at a hand shake distance. The splendid view of the Moyar river and the paddy fields of thengumarahada gives you a pleasant and a memorable experience. It's even more fascinating - to view wild animals at a far distance and birds flying under the sunset; to view the skies being wrapped under the dark clouds veiling the sun and pouring down the rain while the weather turns nippy. All-toghether it's the best place to understand the bio-diversity and know how hard the conservationist strive in order to protect nature.

Catherine falls

Amidst the verdant tea estates and the forests parting on the other side, the roaring waterfalls of the Catherine falls , unavoidably, would coax every human to drench in the falls no matter even the weather turns nippy. The falls also has an exclusive view point from the other side of the mountain, though intimidating, would be an amazing spectacle to behold and an image that will never fade away from my eyes. It is totally a different to trek within the tea estates enjoying the fragrance of the tea leaves in such a cold climate.

Longwood forest

The lush green canopy of the long wood forest is considered one of the best trekking trails. Venturing a trekking into this reserved forest would be an adventurous tryst with the monsoons and the inhabitants of the intimidating tropical rainforest. The forest has hordes of rare endangered species, such as Nilgiri blue robin, the Nilgiri flying fox, and the Nilgiri woodpigeon,that are indigenous to The Nilgiris . The other indigenous animals of this primeval forest are some nocturnal denizens like civet cats, leoard cats and porcupines. Though the forest being dense is intimidating , the gentle drops that drips from the ferns and leaves keeps you rejuvenated. The forest, with many rare endangered species, stands as a perfect niche for wild life photography

Ralliah Dam

Built in 1941 so as to preserve rain water , the Ralliah Dam is an exotic place that should never be missed. The Dam is a haven that is green, misty and wet. Every person who visits this paradise laments for his inability to break out his thoughts/feelings into poetry, wishing that he could have been a William Wordsworth.The place is descibed as water, surrounded by grasslands, which are further surrounded by forests.This exotic place can be expressed as a hillock, a rich bio-diversity hotspot, and a tropical rainforest %uFFFD all rolled into one. Visiting this place during winter rejuvenates you of being in a word that is green,misty and wet.